Our unique EWG™ design is the result of intensive computer modeling of natural acoustic wave propagation. To provide more acoustically transparent high-frequency pattern control, hard edges, corners, and parallel surfaces were eliminated from the design while still enabling 90 x 60 degree high frequency coverage. The smoother, more “organic” shape of the EWG™ design reduces high frequency distortion and diffraction eliminating acoustic artifacts found in other horn design technologies. The result is smoother frequency response, greater driver efficiency, and improved vocal and instrument reproduction.

Proprietary 90° x 60° Elliptical Wave Guide™ horn design
Power on indicator in horn throat and on rear panel


The Titan™ 12 ACTIVE features a state-of-the-art Class D low frequency amplifier design. Class D amplifiers are known for their extended efficiency, low heat dissipation and light weight compared to other amplifier classifications. Class D technology allows for unparalleled audio quality in a lightweight, powered speaker system. High frequency power is provided by a high quality, low distortion and highly efficient Class A/B amplifier.
Thebottom of the Titan™ 12 ACTIVE provides a convenient built in polemount socket for easy mounting on a standard 35mm diameter speakerstand pole.
* The speaker stand receptacle features a locking screw to ensure stability.
* Ten M8 threaded rigging points are provided for a variety of safe flying.
configurations with four of these inserts available, bottom-mounted, in an OmniMount® 60.0 bracket footprint.

Mixer and Controls

The Titan™ 12 ACTIVE provides basic mixing functions with a variety of input options. Two inputs with separate level controls and a common equalization section allow for overall balance and tonal characteristic control. Easy interfacing to external mixers and processors provide for easy expansion to larger, more sophisticated systems.

Optional wall-mount bracket for installation
* Rigging inserts for several suspension options

Bass Response Optimizer
Designed for flexibility and ease of use, the Titan™ 12 ACTIVE also features a unique BASS RESPONSE OPTIMIZER, or “BRO™ circuit” that works like the “loudness” controls on vintage stereo systems. With the “BRO”™ circuit engaged, low frequency response increases as the overall volume is decreased providing for outstanding low frequency response at lower volume levels.
Ultra-light weight for maximum portability Designed to work as a floor monitor too Moisture-proof driver for wherever you play



System type Active 12″ 2-way Bi-Amplified system
Frequency response +/- 3db 55-20kHz
Max SPL (Calc) 123dB
Lf driver size mm / inches 305mm / 12″ 4 ohm
Lf voice coil size 64.26mm / 2.5″
Hf voice coil size 51mm / 2″ 8 ohm
Hf type Compression Driver
Hf diaphragm material Titanium
Horn dispersion (H x V) 90 x 60
Hf exit size mm / inches 25mm / 1″
Hf horn shape EWG™ – Elliptical Waveguide
Crossover Frequency / Filter 2.3kHz, 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley
Hf driver protection Independent LF and HF limiters
Finish Grey or white
Handle quantity 2 carry handles (one on each side)
Suspension points (10) M8 points for safe flown applications, (4) M8 inserts on bottom in OmniMount® 60.0-type footprint
Stand adapter – BOTTOM Speaker pole-mount receptacle with lock screw, Optional wall-mount bracket
Enclosure type Molded Polypropylene
Continous RMS LF 250W, HF 50W
Peak (Wats) LF 500W, HF 100W
ProtectionType Power switch on / off mute, Thermal Amplifier shutdown/auto reset, Low line voltage shut down at 60% nominal line voltage, DC Protection, Short protection, Clip limiter turns on approx at 250W with red LED indicator
Power on indicator LED
Mic -36dBu (-38.2dBv or 12.28mVrms)
Rca 0dBu (-2.2dBv or 0.775Vrms)
Line +4dBu (1.78dBv or 1.228Vrms)
Maximum Input Level +22dBu
Input connectors A Switchable balanced mic or line level input XLR / ¼” Combo jack
Input connectors B Line level combo jack: 1/4″ -XLR / Summed dual RCA jacks
Line output type Switchable LOOP / MIX Balanced Male XLR connector, Balanced: 1k ohm – Unbalanced: 500 ohm, +4dBu (1.78dBv or 1.228Vrms)
Line input A 20kΩ – Unbalanced: 10kΩ Maximum Input Level +22dBu
Line input B 20kΩ – Unbalanced: 10kΩ Maximum Input Level +22dBu+BV22
Main eq High (±10dB) 10kHz Shelving
Low (±10dB) 100Hz Shelving, Bass Response Optimizer (“BRO”™) circuit ‘+5dB at 60Hz, Subsonic Filter 30Hz, Second-order filter
Height ( mm / ins ) 556mm / 21.88″
Width Front / Rear / mm / ins 384mm / 15.11″-180mm / 7.1″
Depth ( mm / ins ) 312mm / 12.28″
Net weight ( kg / lbs ) 13.3kg / 28.16lbs
Gross weight ( kg / lbs ) 14.8kg / 32.56lbs