Steinberg WaveLab Pro 9

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WaveLab Pro 9 reinvents audio refinement once again


New in WaveLab Pro 9
Introducing the most comprehensive and intuitive feature set ever crafted, WaveLab Pro 9 reinvents audio refinement once again. Its redesigned user interface and the new exchange feature allow for faster workflows, while the unique mastering plug-in suite, MasterRig, and its mid/side capabilities push your creative envelope.
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New features at a glance
Revolutionary new user interface based on a ribbon and tab layout concept for instant access to all vital program functions
MasterRig high-end mastering plug-in suite including Equalizer, Dynamic EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager and M/S support
Full M/S support including mid/side editing and processing of files in Audio Editor and Audio Montage, M/S monitoring in the master section and flexible M/S channel processing
Direct exchange with Cubase and Nuendo for using WaveLabs mighty feature set during mixing and for easily opening the respective Cubase/Nuendo project from WaveLab
Newly designed Master Section including easier-to-read metering, M/S monitoring, channel processing options and 12 effect slots
High-quality SoX-based Resampler, Multiband Expander and Multiband Envelope Shaper
New window docking system allowing you to customize WaveLab conveniently to your individual needs
WaveLab Project Manager lets you keep track of even the largest projects
File Group system for conveniently organizing your audio files and Audio Montages
Further improvements such as clip-based send effect automation (envelope-based), plug-in search, naming scheme and more rendering options


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