///Prodipe TT 100 UHF

Prodipe TT 100 UHF

R3,499.00 R2,995.00

  • UHF system with 100 frequencies

  • Automatically finds and sets available frequencies.

  • Allows simultaneous use of 8 receivers and 8 transmitters.

  • Balanced timbre


The famous TT1 mic, now available wireless

“It’s really important that a mic is easy to handle and capable of adapting to any type of situation. I’ve perfected a UHF system which offers 100 frequencies. It also finds and sets available frequencies automatically. It’s straightforward, it’s reliable and it gives an excellent balanced voice performance for professional use.”

Ludovic Lanen


“My decision to use the TT1 cartridge in a UHF mic was to make sure that everyone could have access to a superb sounding UHF mic, an incredibly balanced sound restitution and sixteen selectable frequencies for optimum frequency no matter the location and/or simultaneous use of the mic several times over.

I worked incredibly hard to balance the timbre and remove modulation noise. This noise affects a lot of mics and makes them unsuited for professional use.

What is modulation noise? It’s air that superimposes itself on your voice when you sing or when you speak. The TT100 Solo UHF is ideal for professional use.

I’m one of those sound engineers who doesn’t compromise on quality and I respect this profession so much that I would never put my name to something if it didn’t live up to my standards.” Ludovic Lanen


The TT100 Solo UHF mic is supplied with its clip and cable.



  • Type : dynamic
  • Sensitivity : -49dBV/Pa (2.2mV/Pa)
  • Frequency response : 40-20Khz±3dB
  • Output impedance : 600Ω±30% at 1KHz



Main fonctions :

  • Frequency range: UHF 710-786 MHz
  • Channel: 100
  • Frequency stabilisation: <±30ppm
  • Dynamic Range: >90dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5%
  • Frequency Response: 40-20Khz±3dB
  • Cover range: 60 M



  • Transmitter power: 10mW
  • Maximum deviation: ±50KHz
  • High harmony: superior at 40dB
  • Battery voltage: AA1.5V×2
  • Battery life: 6h
  • Power Switch Noise: Provide with perfect switch noise deducted circuit



  • Power supply: AC100~240V/ 45-60Hz
  • External: 12V
  • Power Consumption: 5W
  • S/N Ratio: >90dB
  • Ratio P/N or F/N: >80dB
  • Receiving sensitivity: 5dBu (SINAD=20dB)
  • Audio output:
    • Type 0~±500mV
    • Type 0~±300mV




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