///Prodipe ST8 Drum mic set

Prodipe ST8 Drum mic set

R5,995.00 R5,495.00

8 piece drum mic set with case

  • Quality, metal body design
  • Designed by Claude Salmieri
  • Crisp top end and fat lows where it matters!


Prodipe ST8 Drum mic set
Claude Salmieri drum mic pack. Designed to restore your playing with as much accuracy as possible.

The pack consists of 8 microphones:
1 x ST8 – KD  Dynamic uni-directional bass drum mic that goes even further down into the bass notes for optimum recording and restitution.
3 x ST8 – SD  Dynamic, unidirectional and ultra-versatile mics for toms ¤ you can also use them with other percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, etc.
1 x ST8 – SD  Dynamic uni-directional mic to accurately transcribe what is essential in playing snare drums – attack and finesse (same as toms mic)
3 x ST8 – A1 overheads (static condenser mics) perfectly adapted to capture the different moods of drums and percussion instruments, but also ideal for any acoustic instrument.

The ST-8 set is supplied in a durable carrying case and includes 3 SHIELDS and 3 HOLDER MOUNTS to use with the overheads.


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