///Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation

Korg Krome 61-Key Synthesizer Workstation

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  • Natural Touch Semi-weighted Action for exceptional playability
  • A wide range of top-notch instruments and sounds
  • A powerful DAW, and plug-in support for your computer-based DAW


A Powerful Workstation with Sounds from the Kronos

When you power up the Korg Krome-61 keyboard workstation, you’ll have an incredible assortment of lifelike pianos, drums, EPs, and other instruments under your fingers, plus a streamlined interface with a powerful 16-track sequencer – everything you need to make memorable music fast. Krome-61 uses sounds derived from Korg’s respected Kronos workstation, plus an amazing range of arp patterns and drum grooves. In short, Krome-61 is packed with inspiration. And whether you’re using it with your DAW in plug-in mode, or navigating it with the intuitive full-color touchscreen, it’s easy and enjoyable creating music with the Korg Krome-61 keyboard workstation.

Natural Touch Semi-weighted Action for exceptional playability

As your hands explore the Krome-61’s Natural Touch semi-weighted keybed, you’ll appreciate the expressive response and fast action. It’s a great balance between a piano-like weighted keybed and an ultra-fast synth action keyboard, giving you maximum performance potential no matter what sound you’re playing.

A wide range of top-notch instruments and sounds

While the interface of the Krome-61 is streamlined and intuitive, it boasts a wide range of amazing-sounding instruments and drums from its big brother, the Kronos workstation. You get 640 instruments and sound, and 288 combination presets that are sure to inspire. And speaking of inspiration, you can also take advantage of 900 arp patterns and over 600 drum grooves to get your productions going.

A powerful DAW, and plug-in support for your computer-based DAW

The Krome-61’s powerful 16-track sequencer, plus five insert effects, two master effects, and per-track EQ, means you can create amazing music with nothing but this workstation. But thanks to the free, downloadable plug-in editor software, you can use the Krome-61 as a plug-in in your computer-based DAW too. So whether you prefer to work on a keyboard workstation, produce on a computer with Krome sounds, or a combination of both workflows, you’ll appreciate the flexibility and intuitiveness of the Krome-61.

The Korg Krome-61 – top-notch sounds in a sleek, intuitive workstation

Tech Specs

Number of Keys 61
Type of Keys Semi-weighted
Other Controllers 1 x Pitchbend, 1 x Mod Wheel, 4 x Rotary Encoders
Polyphony 120 Notes (Single Mode), 60 Notes (Double Mode)
Number of Presets 640 Sounds, 288 Combination Patches
Number of Effects 193
Arpeggiator Yes
Sequencer 16-track
USB 1 x Type B
Audio Outputs 2 x TS, 1 x 1/8″ (Headphones)
Pedal Inputs 1 x Damper
Height 3.66″
Width 40.43″
Depth 12.32″


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