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HK Audio LUCAS Smart (plus free add-on pack)

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Powered by a 250-watt digital amp (PWM), the subwoofer’s 10″ woofer has proven its merits in high-end touring systems.


Smart PA System

With two satellite speakers and sub-woofer, with digital PWM power amplifiers, the SMART offer a powerful sound in a petite package. The sub-compact, high-performance system can be carried and set up by a single person, to provide an inconspicuous sound system for presentations, solo entertainers, small bands and similar applications. Equally at home as an installed system or for mobile tasks, the stereo system has a simple mixer offering three inputs. Stands, wall-mounts and cables are available for the speakers, as is a roller trolley to transport the entire system.

The compact mid and/high frequency satellite speakers are equipped with a 165mm mid-range unit and 25mm dome tweeter with passive protection circuitry. A pole-mount cup is built into the base of the satellite cabinet with a fixed tilt-angle of 10 degrees to make it easy to achieve optimum speaker alignment to mitigate ceiling reflections and aim the speakers to cover the listeners. The cup will accept microphone stands with a diameter of up to 15mm. The maximum attainable height with microphone stands is approximately 1650 to 1700mm, which is often sufficient for smaller events or presentations at which the audience is seated.

The sub-woofer has a 250mm bass unit. It houses all the circuitry, including the two power amps to power the satellites, and the amplifier to power the bass unit. Active protective circuitry includes a multi-band limiter and subsonic filter.

The controls are recessed into the top of the sub unit. Five rotary controls adjust microphone, line and auxiliary input gain, balance and sub-woofer level. Two switches select stereo or mono functionality and ground-lift. LED indicators show signal present, limiting and power status.

Connections are made on the rear of the sub-unit. A female XLR provides a mono, electronically balanced, microphone input. A pair of combination XLR and jack sockets offer a stereo balanced input for line-level signals, perhaps from a mixer, for example. A pair of RCA (phono) sockets allow the connection of stereo auxiliary inputs such as a CD player. Two Neutrik Speakon sockets provide the outputs to left and right satellite speakers. Power is connected to an IEC inlet, which has an associated fuse and illuminated power switch.

Satellite speakers:

Input: 80W RMS, nominal., 4 ohms. Crossover: 3kHz, 12dB /octave. Response: 100Hz – 19kHz, +/- 3dB. Output: 115dB SPL maximum, 1metre, 10% THD. Pole mount: 15mm diameter. Dimensions: 185 x 275 x 215 mm. Weight: 4.5 kg.


Response: 43Hz – 100Hz +/- 3dB. Output:118dB SPL maximum, 1 metre, 10% THD.

Sub unit:

Outputs: 2 x 80W RMS, satellites. 1x 250W RMS, class D, sub-woofer. Power source: 230V AC +/-10%, 50Hz, 370VA maximum. Dimensions: 320 x 410 x 465 (w x h x d) mm.


This kit consists of two stands, a ‘gig bag’ for transport and two loudspeaker cables for connecting the satellite speakers to the amplifiers in the sub unit. The aluminum speaker stands are designed specifically for the system, and are recommended for musical performances or presentations requiring coverage of larger areas and distances from 10 to 15-metres. They extend to 2050mm height. The cables are each 7 metres long.






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