EWI PSPX 20 100

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  • Multi-signal transfer from the stage or sound booth to the mix console.
  • As a sub-snake to make a cross stage run to the main snake.

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EWI PSXP 20 100-mic, 4 return 30m snake cable

The EWI PSPX 16 x 4 series snake is a medium quality professional product.
This is a 16 channel XLR send snake with 4 XLR returns.  Both the fantail and stage box are all XLR.  The returns have parallel MXLR and 1/4″ TRS panel jacks on the stagebox.
The fantail is all XLR with the Caps of the Returns color coded Red for easy identification. We have various lengths of MXLR to ¼” TRS adaptor cables available if your drive rack requires ¼” TRS connections for the sends, and if you need a little more length on the send channels to reach the drive rack.
The stagebox is very heavy duty and well labeled.  The fantail is also heavy duty, color coded to groups and very well labeled.  The main trunk is constructed with EWI SMC cable which is 20 individual shielded pairs, 22 ga., high copper purity conductors with double aluminum foil shield and trace wire, which is heavy duty, and very flexible.
Strain relief at the stage box and fantail is provided with mesh grip style hanger at the fantail, and rubber compression aluminum cable clamp at the stagebox.
The panel jacks are the button-less “spring loaded” style with composite (non-metallic) bodies.  The fantail is constructed with the EWI black shell with gold contact point XLR connectors.
This is a good quality snake, suitable for professional applications.  It even comes with a nifty blue bag to protect the fantail when not in use (pictured).
Key Features:
  • All XLR cord ends and panel jacks
  • 16 XLR Sends
  • 4 XLR Returns
  • Returns parallel MXLR & 1/4 TRS on stagebox
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Excellent noise rejection
  • Mesh Grip style Strain Relief on Stagebox and Fantail
  • Manufactured by EWI in South Korea
  • Multi-signal transfer from the stage or sound booth to the mix console.
  • As a sub-snake to make a cross stage run to the main snake.
  • Manufacture:  EWI  (East-West Inc.)
  • Model:  PSPX-16-4
  • Type:  XLR Type Audio Snake
  • Lengths available:  50ft, 100ft, 150ft.
  • Sends:  16 channels balanced XLR
  • Returns:  4 channels balanced XLR with parallel 1/4″ TRS and MXLR on the stagebox.
  • Main Trunk:  EWI SMC-20
  • Fantail length:  24″
  • Connectors:  EWI ES3F and ES3M
  • Warranty:  3 years covering mfg. defects
  • Actual Weights
    • 50 ft., 21.5 lbs
    • 100 ft., 31.60 lbs
    • 150 ft., 41.70 lbs
  • Lengths available, shipping weight, and prices:
  • 50 ft., 26 lbs. 100 ft., 37 lbs. 150 ft., 50 lbs


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