///Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO

Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO

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18″ 1,400W Peak Powered Subwoofer with Class-D Power Amp, Built-in Stereo Crossover, and Variable High-cut Filter

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A Bass Blaster by Behringer!

Add serious low end to your live rig with the Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO powered subwoofer. This beast powers a 18″ driver with a 1,000-watt RMS Class D amplifier for tremendous bass that can run all night without worrying about heating issues. You can tailor your sound using the variable hi-cut control and tunable bass control to sound your best in whatever room you’re in. And for even more convenience, the built-in crossover makes it easy to set up your speaker system – just connect your main mix outputs to the subwoofer, then link your main speakers from the B1800D-PRO. This sub even features a pole-socket so you can mount your main speaker on top for easy setup and positioning. If you need big bass with the convenience of built-in speaker management, check out the Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO powered sub.

Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO Powered Subwoofer at a Glance:

  • Powerful bass
  • Built-in DSP
  • Convenient speaker management

Powerful Bass:The B1800D-PRO puts out a wall of bass thanks to its 18″ driver powered by 1,000 watts RMS. The Class D amplifier’s efficient design means you can rock all night without having to give the sub a break to cool down. And with frequency response down to 35Hz, your audience will hear the complete depth of your music.

Built-in DSP:It’s easy to optimize your sound with the B1800D-PRO. A variable hi-cut control lets you choose the best crossover frequency for your system and room. You also get phase control to make sure your low-end waves are locked-in with the rest of your rig. And thanks to the over-excursion, thermal, and clipping protection circuits, you’ll be sure to get clean sound even when pushing the B1800D-PRO to its max.

Convenient Speaker Management:The speaker management features on the B1800D-PRO make it easy to set up your system. Connect your main mix to the stereo inputs of the sub, then connect your main speakers to the hi-pass-filtered outputs. Then adjust the variable hi-cut frequency for the sub to find the perfect balance between sub and speakers. And if you need to add-on even more speakers to your system, the B1800D-PRO gives you an additional two full-range outputs.

Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO Powered Subwoofer Features:

  • Huge performance to price ratio
  • Puts out powerful, clean bass thanks to 1,000 watts RMS powering an 18″ driver
  • Built-in overload and heat protection gives you confidence to run this sub long and loud
  • Variable crossover control lets you optimize the sub for whatever venue you find yourself in
  • Two hi-pass filtered outputs and two full-range outputs make it easy to combine with multiple speakers

Blast some bass with the Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO powered subwoofer!

Tech Specs

Powered/Unpowered Powered
Power Configuration Single Amp
LF Driver Size 18″
Total Power 1000W RMS/1400W Peak
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Range 20Hz-200Hz
Crossover Frequency 90Hz-150Hz Variable
Maximum Peak SPL 130 dB
Mounting Options Floor
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR Through, 2 x XLR Hi-pass Out
Height 21.6″”
Width 27.6″
Depth 21.1″


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