///Behringer EP4000 Power Amplifier

Behringer EP4000 Power Amplifier

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Power your passive PA speaker system for a affordable price with Behringer’s full-featured EP4000 Stereo Power Amplifier.


Power your passive PA speaker system for a affordable price with Behringer’s full-featured EP4000 Stereo Power Amplifier. Delivering a staggering 4,000 watts into four ohms bridged, the powerful EP4000 amp translates tight, punchy bass beats through the speakers exactly as they’re intended, utilizing Behringer’s exclusive Accelerated Transient Response technology to react instantly to fast low-frequency peaks. Built with an impact-resistant, all-steel 2U rackmount chassis, the EP4000 has a back-to-front ventilation system and high-current toroidal transformer for independent DC and thermal overload protection on both channels.

Front Control Panel:

– independent gain dials for each stereo channel
– power switch
– ventilation panels
– power, signal and clip LEDs

Back Control Panel:

– turn the clip limiter on or off
– adjust the low-cut filter
– set to stereo or bridge (mono) mode
– link to additional amps with parallel mode

Clean, Professional Design

Simply take a look at the front panel of the Behringer EP4000 amplifier to see why it’s one of the best values on the market. Behringer kept the design simple with a power switch, detented gain dials for each of the stereo channels, and ventilation slots to keep your amp cool even when it’s pushing 4,000 watts. As you would expect from any pro power amp, the EP4000 has green power LEDs to let you know when the amp is warmed up and ready to go, as well as signal and clip LEDs to help you monitor performance and keep your PA system’s gain structure under control.

Flexible Limiter, Low-Cut Filter, and More

On your EP4000’s back panel, you’ll find an on/off switch for an important safety feature: the power amp’s defeatable clip limiter. When it’s engaged, this limiter will automatically duck the level on the incoming audio signal to prevent clipping, distortion, and speaker damage on output. You’ll also find a flexible low-cut filter designed to cut the sludgy low-end frequencies that your speakers can’t faithfully reproduce. For example, you may set your low-cut filter at 30 Hz or 50 Hz if you’re pushing floor monitors or a pair of full-range boxes — or simply turn the low-cut filter off if you’re using your EP4000 to power, say, a large subwoofer. The back panel also includes controls for setting your amp to run in bridged mono or stereo mode, as well as controls to daisy-chain EP4000 amps in parallel mode.

High-End Components Under the Hood

For their EP-series amps, Behringer uses reliable Toshiba/Fairchild power transistors in a rugged steel 2-space enclosure. The EP4000 also features a high-current toroidal transformer, ideal for fast transient response. To ensure a long life of reliable performance, this high-powered amplfier features a front-to-back cooling system with an exhaust fan located on the back of the amp. The fan draws air in through the front slots, across the internal components, and out the back, pulling the heat along with it. Even under heavy 2-ohm loads, the EP4000 is designed to stay cool.


– Stereo power amplifier delivers 2 x 2,000 watts into a 2-Ohms load; 2 x 1,400 watts into a 4-Ohm load, and 4,000 watts into a 4-Ohm load in bridge mode
– Behringer’s exclusive Accelerated Transient Response technology for tighter, punchier low end
– Defeatable limiters on each channel ensure maximum output level and overload protection
– Selectable 30 Hz/50 Hz low-cut filters remove muddy, potentially speaker-damaging frequencies
– Precise detented gain knobs, plus Power, Signal and Clip LEDs for each channel
– Inputs accept XLR and 1/4″ TRS sources
– Professional Speakon and binding post ouput connectors
– DC and thermal overload protection automatically protects amplifier and speakers on each channel independently
– “Back-to-front” ventilation system, including air filter
– Rugged steel 2U rackmount chassis

Serious Power for Your Dollar

Budget-conscious shoppers know that Behringer Europower amps deliver serious power per dollar. At this price-to-wattage ratio, powering your whole venue system with Behringer is a no-brainer. And with high-performance features like Accelerated Transient Reponse, flexible low-cut filters and defeatable automatic limiting, this power amp is perfect for performance venues of any kind. If you have passive speaker boxes to push, the 4,000-watt Behringer EP4000 stereo power amplifier is simply an excellent value.


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