///Studio Sythesizers
  • The Access Virus TI Snow Synthesizer Module delivers the same sound engine as its big brothers in a compact size.
  • The Access VIRUS TI2 synthesizer keyboard is designed to lead the world in a completely new direction.
    • Affordable, fully programmable mono synth with a 100% analog signal path
  • Mopho is a compact and affordable—but powerful—monophonic analog synthesizer.
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    Korg Arp Odessey

    R15,995.00 R11,995.00
    The ARP Odyssey reproduces the sounds of these components at the circuit level. Under the supervision of David Friend, parts were carefully selected and every detail was adjusted to replicate the original unit's distinctive synthesis.
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    Korg Kronos LS 88

    R49,999.00 R41,999.00

     Packed with nine versatile sound engines, up to 16 simultaneous effects, 16-part Combinations and so much more, KRONOS is KORG’s most powerful synthesizer ever. To further unlock KRONOS’ potential, KORG introduces a new light-touch 88-key model for a new level of playability - and portability.

  • "NEW" 61-key Synth Workstation with Synth-action Keybed, EDS-i Sound Engine, Audio Recorder, Step and MIDI Sequencers, Drum Track, Arpeggiator, and Mic/Line Inputs - Black
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    Korg Monologue SV

    R6,499.00 R4,995.00
    Fully programmable, analog synthesis for all players; monologue is the next-generation monophonic synthesizer that shares the spirit of the acclaimed minilogue, with a completely new voice and powerful new features. The monologue is a 25-key, fully programmable monophonic analog synthesizer with a voice all its own.
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    • 37-key Classic Analog Synthesizer with Mini Patch Bay
    • External Signal Processor
    • MIDI In
    • USB for MIDI Connectivity
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    Korg nanoKEY Studio

    R3,199.00 R2,390.00
    The nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad that lets you instantly convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly to iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It’s a compact, mobile MIDI keyboard that is easy to travel with, allowing ease of use anytime, anywhere.
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    Korg TRITON taktile 25

    R8,999.00 R5,999.00
    • 25-key Keyboard Controller with 512 Triton Synth Sounds
    • Touch Pad, 8 Trigger Pads
    • 8 Switches, 8 Sliders
    • DAW Transport Controls
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    The volca fm is a three-voice digital FM synthesizer that completely reproduces the sound engine of a classic FM synthesizer, and provides compatibility with it as well. The unique volca interface makes it easy to manipulate distinctive FM sounds even if you're not familiar with the complexities of FM synthesis.
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    Korg Volca Keys

    R3,299.00 R2,590.00
    Volca Keys is a long-awaited synthesizer that adds a new chapter to the long and storied history of Korg's analog synthesizers. Volca keys is a 27-key analog lead synth that generates unbelievably powerful sound from its compact body.
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    Korg Volca Kick

    R3,299.00 R2,590.00

    An analog kick generator that delivers powerful sounds from kick drum to kick bass

    The volca series has consistently brought renewed attention to classic groove machines and historical synthesis. It now has a new focus. This time, it's the most important sound in dance music: the kick.
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    microKorg synthesizer

    R7,999.00 R6,799.00
    The new microKORG is a compact-sized synthesizer that delivers the true enjoyment of synthesis. Underneath its small exterior lurks an amazingly powerful synthesizer. It is fun to play, and it delivers a sound and functionality that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the professional. Welcome to a world of unlimited creativity.